Listen up. Most dommes and fetish brats offer to make custom clips. But most of us are also pretty selective in what we will and will not film. I know I am. I know many of my fellow brat girls operate the same way. There’s a misunderstanding that a custom is a service to fulfill…

mz devious custom clips

Posted by D in Rant / January 4, 2012
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Schmoes vs. Fans

This precious looking little nocturnal bird of prey is called the ‘schmoe owl’. Known for it’s unique as well as annoying “who who who is that” hoot that can be heard wherever a female bicep is within sight ( mostly tube sites and message boards ). The schmoe owl is often known for wreaking havoc on female bodybuilders privacy and right to earn a living off of her physique.


Posted by D in Rant / September 7, 2011
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Pathetic Little Guy

The many joys of camming Some little dude over at HBC cam pops into my chat room earlier .. asks to go into private. As soon as we get into private he then immediately demands to see my v’jay . I say “NO v’jay today, no way Jose ” CLEARLY STATES THAT ON MY PROFILE….

middle finger

Posted by D in Off Topic, Rant / August 8, 2011
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Another Fake Youtube of ME

Most of you know I have been banned from youtube six times already. THIS IS NOT MY ACCOUNT BUT A FAKER.. JUST LIKE THE THREE FAKE FACEBOOKS I HAD TO REPORT EARLIER THIS WEEK. HERE’s TO ANOTHER. Geezus. To add to the joy, Youtube questions me each time that I report these impostors, even after…

Posted by D in Rant / April 15, 2011
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Be a Nice Boy.

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