Hooters Perv JOI

Posted by D in Clip Updates, Humiliatrix / December 16, 2009

Stroke it to our command and fuck your hand like an out of control monkey on a masturbation mission.

Lyne and I had way too many laughs over you assfucks while making this clip.


Hooters Perv JOI
you are a filthy hooters perv. Staring at our tits and ass like we are pieces of meat. So now Lyne and myself are going to treat you like a piece of meat too. Pull out your cock and stroke it to our commands. You must do what we say no matter how humiliating it is, you will do it. All while we tease you with our hot bodies and cruel words. Stroke it you pervert, you know it makes you want to cum all over when we laugh at you. Can you hang long enough to make it to the cum countdown and surprise ending?




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Author: D
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