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Ebanned sellers and Dommes beware of a bidder hypnotoy797.

He had won one of my auctions that recently closed for the sum of $200. Sent a charming email mentioning that he is a fan of my clips yadda yadda. Insists on paying via ppal. I checked his feedback and spotted good feedback from a few familiar seller names and, despite the hesitation and gut-feeling something would go awry, I chanced it.

I did mention in the listing that I do not accept pooh-pal as a payment method, after the fact, he tells me that is the only way he can pay for it. My gut feelings confirmed, do not trust hypnotoy797, but tell myself ‘ think positive’.

One word. Shady.

The fun begins. He sends the payment — wait for it —
and the next day does a charge back, slamming my poop-pal acct into an investigation.

Naturally, he blames it on them , and says ” they are stupid” .
However, here’s the issue I have with ebanned – I had the instinct that he was shady from the start, despite the feedback but couldn’t cancel his bids.

To add insult , I now am stuck paying a charge back penalty. Not worth the hassle. Lesson learned – take my advice and block hypnotoy797, he’s scammer.

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