Inbox Bonanza part 3

Posted by D in Rant, Spoiled Brat / January 29, 2009

By request – another scintillating issue of inbox bonanza, where I post screen captures of the true essence of men.

Even God messes up. Men can’t help their stupidity, it’s an inborn trait.

He wants in.. he things Im stashing naked goodies inside of my myspace page, he must think I will smile and say, ” sure buddy, Ive got dirty pics of that time I fucked my ass silly with a nine iron ” as well, there’s also free juice and cookies because I love new perverted myspace pals.

Side note – Ive never done that. I do not dole out juice and cookies for free. That’s insane.

** sin city 777 ( panties no action ) my future new neighbor and possibly new bff

..” No gary it is not ok.

ummmm.yeah.NOPE. moving along.

…” i dont know if youre interested”.. hahahaha. You came to me, which is probably a good indication that perhaps, I am not.

It’s a dear John letter from an egocentric ‘money piggy’, I might add I’ve never talked to him before this encounter.
” … It’s your loss Princess, you could have had my car, house, and every paycheck of mine. Instead, you’ve ignored me. ”
Well boo-fucking-hoo.

proof that thugs cannot write or maybe it’s me and I’m not up to date with the latest Ebonics.

asking ” wats good mami”
You know what’s good? Its good when you remember there is an “h” in the word what, and that I’m not your mother. If you’re looking for your mami, Drive down Hunts Point after midnight. She’s the one that smells of penis sweat and weed.

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Author: D

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