Lint for Sale

Posted by D in Ebanned / October 14, 2008

Now I have  people copying my exact auctions word for word. I do not mind someone taking an idea and running in their own direction with it. Something as random as dryer lint is, well, pretty random.   I don’t think there’s a huge ass craving for dryer lint out there in fetish land. Photo 1 and 2 my auctions – photo 3 and 4 Mz Copycat’s auction.

… because ” she has had so many requests  for this.”

Oh. Puhleeze. Let’s be honest, you didn’t think I’d catch wind of your plagiarizing .. Noo?
I know my kids, the brain-children that I’ve given birth to. They are legendary. People join ebanned just to follow my crazy listings.


Guess I’m a pace setter. Wonder how much she managed to rake in for her “lint” .

It’s in high demand these days ya know?


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