I Love Ebanned – New Sock Auction

Posted by D in Ebanned, Foot Fetish / February 2, 2015

Ebanned will always be my favorite fetish hangout.

Fun times, crazy mo-fo’s,  legendary auctions and memorable moments of jackassery. It’s comfortably familiar – like being in the company of an old friend. Ya dig?

Visit my sock slave auction – and go bid NOW!

Description :

I’ve been wearing these well worn gym socks so long that I will have to peel them from my feet when it comes time to send them to you. These socks have been with Me FOREVER – possibly longer than five years. I wear them to bed, around the house, in my sweaty boots & gym shoes. Steeped to perfection in my hot sweaty footwear.

Will you be the lucky sock sniffer to win these nasty gals? I could only imagine the things you would do with MY dirty old socks;

  •  make out with them
  •  wear them as a dick warmer
  •  sock puppet companion
  •  aromatherapy

… the possibilities are limitless.

ebanned auction listing

A few throwback pics from Ebanned – ( external links .. )


2009- This footboy ( and one of my first & most loyal ebanned bidders ) was in toe-jam heaven when he discovered  I was vacationing in his hometown.


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