My p*pal Account has Been Frozen

Posted by D in Ebanned, Rant / May 21, 2009

L – is for Lame it’s also for loser and Lick my fart-hole.

Why do I get the feeling that the same person who reported my youtube channel, reported my ppal too.

So glad that I dont have to resort to doing lame shit like this to others … because I’m not a jealous and spiteful person.

The person who reported me sent ppal a link to an ebanned auction of mine.

BTW, I’ve never used their logo,payment buttons, or name -I always state “I will consider accepting pooh-p@l as last resort, buyer must have positive feedback” I never posted my pp email account which is registered in a business name. I invoice discreetly – so how do they decipher what’s come from Ebanned, friends, outside business?

It’s pointless and petty.

So for all they know “pooh-p@l” could be anything.

And if I am using ppal, it’s not like I’m using their service for money laundering, selling black market babies or drugs to minors.


So now ppal wants info regarding my business activities online along with a DNA sample . Are they for real? No wonder people despise them so much. WTF do they care – they get a nice cut off it, seriously.

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