Gotta Love Them Hot Shemales

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Before  anyone else feels the need to go on a tirade lecturing me (as if I just walked onto this scene four minutes ago and started pulling shit out of my ass , just to post here..  )  that  referring to them  as ‘shemale’ and ‘tranny’ as being  derogatory; I’m well aware and have been aware- thanks.  Although, I’m left to wonder why you,” Mr Moral police officer of the fetish porn underworld ” are balls deep into my tweets, clips and blog entries .. ? Isn’t there other more lewd and lascivious  realms to patrol on the internets , like  oh, I don’t know.. maybe scat porn ? I mean, your extreme skills could have been better employed elsewhere.  So if I may interject , with my “In real life knowledge and views ” .. they are ( to me ) women.. who were born with the wrong equipment downstairs  .

Uhmkhay ? Okay. However, I’m going to use the derogatory terminology nonetheless. It’s just better key wording for the search engines.
Second of all…. this is FETISH PORN  and we’re all grown ups here – and in being an independent adult we have the free will to curse, and use ‘potty’ mouth terminology without worry of being reprimanded.  So if you cannot handle this, then use your free will to click the ‘back button’. But before you leave may I suggest that you ; go fuck yourself with a thousand tranny dicks, and then  enable the parental controls on your router and pc  and hang out over at Godvine .

Shemales are  damn hot ( most of them, anyhow ) . I’m not sure I can pinpoint what it  is about them exactly.. or that it is that they can pull off ” being female’ better than most females, the fascination of the penis with the soft femininity and big tits,  or something other . This of course is my opinion .. although it’s quite surprising , based on a 2007 study –   my opinion is something mutually shared with 70% of heterosexual males today. No , not gay or bisexual males.. STRAIGHT males.
Pretty fascinating , if you ask me. Over the years I’ve heard a few straight male friends, admit to finding tgirls attractive or share that they like shemale porn  . Somehow, I find that  an attractive trait about  these men that aren’t afraid to openly admit to that.

This next clip was inspired  from a  shemale fantasy that was shared with me from a hetero guy friend-  I hesitantly awaited his reaction to the clip , before posting it for sale.

His response ” that was so hot, I jizzed my pants while watching it .. you make a convincing t-girl too “..

I guess I have my bodybuilding past and it’s wondrously healthy supplementation to thank for those attributes, but a compliment I will accept without argument and so, I present to you –

t4m – Macho Man’s first Shemale encounter

I’m quite used to it by now. I’m one hot TGirl , and men want me. I’m so feminine and sexy that I fool just about everyone. In fact, straight guys are all that chase after me, even after they find out about my dick. Most of the time they just want me for my dick, but wont admit it. I call it a ‘penis fetish’ . Well, whatever it is, I have it all.. good looks, hot body, a great ass, huge tits, and I give one hell of a good blow job…. oh and I have a dick.

You are at a club with your girl, but you cannot keep your eyes off of me. I know I turn you on.. and so I come by and signal for you to meet me in the bathroom , to hookup . I oush you into the stall, and surprise you with my cock. Without hesitation , I suck your dick and it’s the best blow job of your entire life. I tell you to return the favor, and you suck my dick while my big tits bounce over your head.. Nope.. you’re not gay – gay dudes don’t like women , I’m just a hot chick with a dick. And you’re a straight dude into shemales. Now, it’s all you can think about. ( SHEMALE FANTASY , TGIRL , FUTA, FUTANARI )




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