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That song is now stuck in my head.

* Totally useless fact – Naughty by Nature filmed part of the OPP video in front of the King’s motel in Rahway NJ – and when I lived in Jersey  I passed that motel daily  – well then again,  I passed dozens of seedy motels daily, as route 1&9 is known as ‘cheaters lane’ after all the seedy motels that line that highway.

Those were the days – man do I miss New Jersey. Jersey had it all – more strip clubs per capita than any other state, 24 hour diners, the ‘shore’ and a countless variety of motels that offer hourly rates.

Which takes me back to a time when MTV played music videos, and there was a  local public access channel  that played  indie, low budget  type   hip  hop vids  , that aired  after school. Naughty By Nature videos were on overkill status , and so ……… I just forgot what I was going to say. Dammit.


where the hell was I headed with this entry anyhow ? ADHD will do that to ya..

So Florida just doesn’t have that type of urban culture,  it doesn’t have much of any culture actually where  I am at anyhow.  I need to be surrounded by graffiti , refineries, 24 hour everything,  and wake up to inhale the  aroma of turnpike diesel exhaust and have a breakfast of pork roll , egg and cheese on a hard roll – from the deli ( a real deli… not Jason’s Deli.. not Publix, but the corner deli.. you know.. there’s 3 on every corner in Jersey ) –  I need all of that , then I will be in bliss.


For now I’ll just be thankful I am not a Florida native, especially SW Florida.

Aside from that moment of Nostalgia – the remainder of this entry is pretty pointless too, and if you landed here for jack off material – put it in reverse and take the ‘jug-handle’ outta here. I sell clips for your wiener. I blog for me and I am amused  that I’ve wasted 10 minutes of your day, so you could read this pointless entry.

I’ve been reveling in a ” I just received my tax refund ” bliss. I deserve it , after  paying off  all  of those insane out of network  medical bills , Contributed to my Roth-y , and have spent the past week shopping for  home improvement stuff to freshen up the house. Most important item on my list is a new couch.  I need one real BAD . When I adopted that hell hound Lila back  in October, the foster mom failed to tell me the dog had MAJOR  bladder issues that tied in with her over submissive personality ( yes yes, poor little dog, I did feel terrible for the nervous little fur nugget ) But her pee issues were so bad it was life altering  to manage and look after. And so my 3 year old couch  became her  gigantic wee wee pad, and was pissed on without exaggeration , 30 times in a month maybe more, because it happened multiple times a day during that month that she lived with us. This little 8 lb dog would scale the  jungle gym of  stacked up baby gate barricades I constructed all over my house.  She’d scale them like the matrix , and bolt  right to the carpet , bed, couch or anything that was absorbent  and expensive… and then shed piss all over it, roll over and piss all over herself. And I lived like that for a whole month. NEVER. AGAIN.

I had to have the couch professionally cleaned   TWICE .. and no matter what I still do to clean it, the thing  just skeeves me out , so it must go.

Here’s one for ‘weird home services ‘- Just  had a dryer lint cleaning  service come  out to the house. These people take lint removal to the next level. You’d think, ” it’s just lint.. reach in the lint trap and yank it out ” . NOPE.  This service- that  I paid for – sends a service tech , who specializes in … lint. But most important – freeing my house from the hazards of built up dryer lint.  Who knew lint could be so dangerous?  ( I was tempted to share my lint story with the service tech from Lint Busters .)You guys know that story right ?

Dating back to 2008 ,  when I was a young and very devious  Mz Devious –  I managed to convince some idiot on Ebanned  to buy my precious fluffy dryer refuse for $500 . But like the rest of the vanilla’s out there, I’m sure he wouldn’t find any humor in that story.

I have totally abandoned my duties of peddling schmoe/fetish smut clips, checking twitter, read/responding to emails and FINISHING MY DAMN SITE.


So another blog that you fella’s could not beat off to. I feel pretty good about that.





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