He Sang Me a Ditty

Here at Live Journal ,us dommes are a little bored with the typical sissy boy in panties gig *yawns*. This shit maggot takes loserdom to a whole ‘nother level. I cannot believe he paid $75 on Niteflirt so I could listen to him sing a 3 minute song. It was an out of tune rendition…

Posted by D in Humiliatrix, Niteflirt / February 22, 2009
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Doormat … Again

Doormat stopped in last night.. and you know how much I HATE drop-ins. I was trying to list my auctions, had like 90 windows open – pretty much busy. Why do these idiots act its ok disturb, and attempt striking up a convo , after they’ve been warned, ” I’m fucking busy” Because – Its…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / January 20, 2009
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Be a Nice Boy.

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