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Posted by D in Off Topic, Rant / December 7, 2009

Oh nothing too exciting. I arrived back in Florida to a flooded yard. My folks broke the aerobed. Again.

Yes, I have real furniture. It’s still up in NJ, doesn’t make sense to move everything since I’m living in two states, why make shit more complicated. So until Mr D EVER gets his transfer, I’ll be stuck in this purgatorial hell, sleeping on Aerobeds two weeks a month.
Well at least I’m racking up frequent flier miles like cray. Though I think you need to earn over a billion miles before you can redeem it .. for a stuffed animal or beer coozy. Hmmrph.

Im dieting and pms-ing. There’s oreo cookies in the fridge. Not sure how they got there either. I need to have them NOW, because self control is something I do not have….

…….I’m back.

Just inhaled ten cookies. Now I’m sick from eating 10 cookies … along with the cheddar potato chips I discovered while grazing in the pantry.
Earlier today, I attempted to instal the “x” pole stripper pole, ordered with niggiepiggie’s Amazon ecert. Lucky, lucky – my ceilings are 10 footers and the pole only extends up to 9 feet. $350 down the toilet. FUUUUUU.

Waiting for Princess St Marcs to stop by on her ride home from Miami, she should be here any minute so that should be a hell of a lot more fun than cramming ten Oreo’s and a bag of cheddar potato chips into my face-hole. I’ll snap a pic of us — but I’m not changing out of my “fat-girl” mu-mu top.. not after eating all these cookies anyhow..

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