I hate your balls

So the clip has been up for 48 hours and made it to # 33 over at clips4sale best sellers so to honor of my fabulous-ness I’m not posting another FBB clip until it climbs the charts. Buy it . Then buy it again if you must. clips4sale.com/store/29200 There is a new clip over at…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / May 21, 2011
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Another Fake Youtube of ME

Most of you know I have been banned from youtube six times already. THIS IS NOT MY ACCOUNT BUT A FAKER.. JUST LIKE THE THREE FAKE FACEBOOKS I HAD TO REPORT EARLIER THIS WEEK. HERE’s TO ANOTHER. Geezus. To add to the joy, Youtube questions me each time that I report these impostors, even after…

Posted by D in Rant / April 15, 2011
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Thanks Jeremy

Jeremy I love this one. Thanks He makes these really cool  animated pics and sends them to me from time to time .. this is the latest. Pretty sweet huh?

Posted by D in Off Topic / November 2, 2009

Goodbye YouTube channel NUMBER 5

I’ve been through Five youtube channels in a year. That’s probably more than how many times some of you guys change your underpants in a year. Thiis time I kept the channel on the DL. Still amassed   40,000 views in a month per video. Man those fbb fans really do love them some freebie…

Posted by D in Rant / September 28, 2009
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Be a Nice Boy.

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