Uh Vegas

First time that I’ve been to Las Vegas and not seen the sun. The weather was lovely – I was too busy to enjoy it. Which is fine. We worked hard during the day and partied hard at night. Ok .. we didn’t really party that hard. Most nights we were too tired, and just…

FBB Danni Katka Tammy lisa

Posted by D in Muscle Girl, Spoiled Brat / September 20, 2011
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Schmoes vs. Fans

This precious looking little nocturnal bird of prey is called the ‘schmoe owl’. Known for it’s unique as well as annoying “who who who is that” hoot that can be heard wherever a female bicep is within sight ( mostly tube sites and message boards ). The schmoe owl is often known for wreaking havoc on female bodybuilders privacy and right to earn a living off of her physique.


Posted by D in Rant / September 7, 2011
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First Place

  Flexing with my  FBB gal-pal & posing coach Sherri. Oh and I should mention that she’s the current Florida state overall Womens Bodybuilding champion. Go Sherri !!

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Lift and Carry

Lift and Carry I’m so STRONG click link to purchase clip ↑ Jason doubts my strength, and doesn’t feel that I am strong enough to lift and carry him. I decide to prove him wrong, and swoop him up on to my back. I proceed to lift and carry him effortlessly, making sure little Jason…


Posted by D in Clip Updates, Muscle Girl / July 31, 2011
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Getting naked for $5.99 a minute

I’m not going to stoop to the level of cam ho’ , peddling views of my naked self with extreme closeups of my Uterus for $5.99 a minute , to which 40% goes to the house . I feel that I have a good 5 or 6 years left before i can no longer pull…

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