Sissy Sherri the DP Champ

Another nauseating moment with sissy sherri via Niteflirt   Should I share the sordid details of what went down during this weeks phone/cam session with sissy sherri? Or is it obvious, judging by the look on my face that I threw up in my mouth .. a little.  Meet sissy sherri, the latest sideshow act…

Posted by D in Humiliatrix, Niteflirt / January 27, 2010
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Taking Sissy Sherri to New Levels

Last night sissy sherri and I had another Niteflirt phone session.  She tries hard to impress me. First, sissy sherri pierced her bitch tits while on cam. Blood everywhere – yuck. It looked like a Civil War triage up at sherri’s place.   Luckily, sherri is crafty and found a nearby clothespin to stave off…

Posted by D in Humiliatrix, Niteflirt / January 12, 2010
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Wham Bam.. $1400 in an hour

FinDom – All in like an hour . The art of multi-tasking. ( dont believe me.. check the time stamps on the emails..) $200 in Niteflirt tributes $150 in clip sales that came in $150 Amazon ecert and a pair of $400 Zanotti’s from “scrambled eggs” and damn.. ANOTHER. HE WONT QUIT. jeez another $100…

Posted by D in Niteflirt, Spoiled Brat / December 23, 2009

Spoiled for My Birthday

It’s almost my Birthday — time for Prezzies! … and birthday cash-rape niteflirt tributes!  Damn my birthday is nine days away – meanwhile I’ve been spoiled all month. It’s a Birth-month celebration. My bois are spoiling me rotten. My BIRTHDAY PRESENTS arrived from niggiepiggie!! I just came back from picking them up at UPS. He…

Posted by D in Niteflirt, Spoiled Brat / November 19, 2009
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He Sang Me a Ditty

Here at Live Journal ,us dommes are a little bored with the typical sissy boy in panties gig *yawns*. This shit maggot takes loserdom to a whole ‘nother level. I cannot believe he paid $75 on Niteflirt so I could listen to him sing a 3 minute song. It was an out of tune rendition…

Posted by D in Humiliatrix, Niteflirt / February 22, 2009
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